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What We Do for You in Marketing

Long ago in my business, I discovered two methods that produced substantially more prospects than any other methods I was using at the time: seminars, client referrals and direct mail. But before you say, “I’ve already tried that,” let me describe what we do with these methods that are different from virtually every other FMO out there.

1. We Generate Qualified Prospects.

Compare that with the “typical” marketing campaigns you’ve seen where the letter, brochure, postcard or newspaper advertisement is all about your qualifications and background. Such pieces typically include a picture of impressive offices, the friendly staff – or even worse – a pleasing photo of a happily retired couple enjoying life in an exotic locale.Decades of market-testing has proven that this kind of “here’s-all-about-me” advertising simply doesn’t work. It fails to engage the reader with information that’s of interest to them… or help them envision their own future once they’re working with you… or even reveal the benefits of calling you and setting up an appointment.

2. We Focus on Income.We think this is, or should be, the #1 concern for clients as we face an uncertain retirement future.

3. Seminars as a new-lead generator.

Seminars are actually the one strategy we use that out-produces every other marketing or advertising method we’ve tested.Over the past 16 years, I’ve honed and perfected every aspect of doing seminars from how I fill the room… the mail piece and strategy to finding prospects… to the script I use to deliver the presentation… to the PowerPoint slides I’ve created… even down to the lobby posters and back-of-the-room staff procedures!

4. We Convert Prospects into Clients.

We Create Customized Scenarios That Close the Sale… Once our marketing campaigns, seminars and direct-mail pieces generate appointments, we have an entire formula for converting those prospects into clients.What Will You Receive When You Join Kilcrease Financial, Inc.? You’ll learn how to implement easy-to-use marketing campaigns… hold seminars with confidence—then regularly, methodically and dependably achieve qualified referrals from the enthusiastic clients these proven systems produce.

You’ll also get access to my team of financial professional coaches, who will guide you through the steps of building your business. You’ll get access to live coaching sessions as well as our team of growth experts who will work with you to keep things on track. Kilcrease Financial, Inc Provides You with the Tools to Help You Focus With Laser-Like Precision on Growing Your Financial Advisory Business with Qualified New Clients

To learn more how Kilcrease Financial, Inc will help you grow your practice contact us today!

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